Popcorn Time, finally downloadable for Android

1. What is Popcorn Time?

You can view with Popcorn Time free movies and series. The offer is illegal, so their use is illegal.Popcorn Time Android is akin to downloading torrents, the software uses the torrent protocol to play movies and series. Imagine that you are downloading a torrent from a movie. Normally you have to wait until the film is finished downloading. At Popcorn Time, you can watch while downloading the movie immediately. The software also provides a search function that lets you instantly search for movies and series.

popcorn time-1

The Popcorn Time software is completely open source. Original Popcorn Time project was closed by pressure from the entertainment industry in March this year, after which other developers with the code went the stroke. One is Time4Popcorn, which later simply called Popcorn Time. They are the most popular and best version of Popcorn Time, and also have the approval of the original developers changed the name to Popcorn Time.

2. Who is behind Popcorn Time?

That is not entirely clear, but a team of developers to the software. Include Android and iOS developer and several developers for the desktop app Popcorn Time for Windows, Mac and Linux. Because the software works via torrents, there are no expensive servers required: the developers so are mainly engaged in the development of the software.

It also organizes Kebrum the VPN function Popcorn Time, which allows users to stream movies and series completely anonymous. This would mean that there were parties who want to see who is illegally streaming videos, they can not see where you come from and who you are. The IP address that you are using Popcorn Time, as it were hidden.

3. How to use Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a program that you install on your desktop, laptop or Android smartphone or tablet. You can then search for movies and series, filtering by genre and view information about the film, including a short description of the trailer. You will then be able to select the quality and subtitles, and Popcorn Time connects you with others who are also downloading the movie at the same time.

popcorn time-2

These so-called ‘peers’ are at that moment also the film or series to the download and, in the case of Popcorn Time, also viewing. The main feature of the torrent protocol is that you download upload it directly next content to others. This makes it possible to realize a lot of people with high-speed connections for a download.

popcorn time-3

The interface is very similar to that of Netflix, which can categorize your movies and series by genre, but also by popularity or release date. The torrents from major torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, which are indexed and loaded by the team behind Time Popcorn. This often is automated, where there are several versions per film or series are available with different image qualities. So you have the opportunity to watch in 720p or 1080p.

4. Are there Popcorn Time Apps?

Yes! Popcorn Time is available for Android and an iOS version is available. Through the Android app, you can for instance on your tablet to watch a movie or series by streaming them to your device. The Android app is through the official website to download the apk file . How to install apk files on your Android, you can read in our manual install Android apk files .

popcorn time

The Android app works much the same as the desktop personal app. Please note that you consume a lot of data while streaming, for your download and upload at the same time. Use Popcorn Time on your android so mainly when you are connected to WiFi.

5. Supports Popcorn Time also Chromecast?

Popcorn Time logoThat too! Popcorn Time has been working for some time with the Chromecast. The function is, among other things built into the desktop and Android version. The software automatically detects that you have a Chromecast, and you can stream the stream of the film or series to the Chromecast.

The connection to the Chromecast works with many fine, though others sometimes report that the stream did not want to start. Chromecast connection thus can be improved by Popcorn Time, but it works (in our tests) are often totally fine.

6. Why is using illegal?

In the Netherlands, it has long forbidden to share copyrighted material with others or upload.For a while it is also illegal to download copyrighted material from illegal sources. This makes Popcorn Time so twice illegally: downloading from illegal sources – Popcorn Time will pay the copyright owners do not – and upload the copyrighted material again as you stream a movie or series.

7. What are the dangers of Popcorn Time?

Popcorn-Time 4In the Netherlands, the rule that copyright organizations and Watchdogs, including Stichting Brein, sue individual downloaders for illegally downloading files. Often only addressed the ‘big boys’, as the team of Popcorn Time. Additionally, you can turn on VPN feature Popcorn Time, so your IP address is hidden. You’ll be pretty well protected from organizations that want to trace IP address and then send you a reminder.

But remember: you stay illegally with Popcorn Time and the chance that the software is taken offline, that your IP address will be recorded or VPN provider Kebrum passes under pressure IP addresses, is always present. There is also a risk that rightholders content file a claim with individual users. Keep this in mind.

8. Is Popcorn Time also in Dutch?

Popcorn Time io ap newsflashMost popular films and series that you find at Popcorn Time, feature English subtitles.Is that not the case, you can look them up manually using a site like Open Subtitles .Then you can get them – easily import into Popcorn Time – while playing a video.

Since the beginning of February 2015 Popcorn Time available in Dutch. Popcorn-Time.se, one of the most popular versions of Popcorn Time, its Android app updated so that the app is now also available in our language. Read more about Popcorn Time in Dutch .

9. Can you use offline Popcorn Time?

Yes! Since mid-November 2014, you can save with Popcorn Time movies and series, and you can watch the videos online through the app. Then can be useful if you’re on a plane or “happen to be on the moon,” says Popcorn Time.

10 Tips for the photo-Messenger snapchat



The popular photo-Messenger snapchat provides its users with lots of interesting features. For some time now, the app but not limited to sending and receiving images. Even videos can now ship with snapchat. In our Guides we show you the 10 best tips for photo-Messenger.

The photo-Messenger snapchat has reached great notoriety. The Snaps, ie photos and messages that destroy themselves after a short time itself, enjoying especially among younger users exceedingly great popularity. But alone it would reduce snapchat, intended for short – can the photo-Messenger still so many other tricks.

1 record longer videos

Snapchat limits the recording of videos on just ten seconds. With a little trick, however, this limitation can be circumvented with iOS devices. After-started video recording simply double-click the Home button, the multitasking view starts. Returning to the application, recording stops.Although the file can then be sent to friends not – snapchat automatically shortens the recorded file again at 10 seconds – but probably a storage in the stories is possible.

2. use digital zoom during video recording

During a video recording of the integrated digital zoom can be used. By swiping your finger upward, the object is zoomed in. You can sweep with his finger downward, is removed from the object.

3. Change the camera by double clicking

While there is the Messenger in the upper right corner a symbol to switch the camera. The camera changes, however, can also activate different: with a double-click on the touch screen.

4. use the display as a flashlight

Although one should not expect miracles, but a useful expedient is the possibility all. Under “Settings> More options> Manage> Remove” You can make a kind of flash the display. In a Selfie recording the screen for a short time shines in white to be the male face appear a little brighter.Faster’s when, with active front camera in the upper left corner the flash icon is activated.

5. individualize Snapcode using a Selfie animation

Use a Selfie animation can individualize the Snapcodes. For the Snapcode must be selected via drop-down menu and the record button will be operated below the frame. In short intervals, the app takes up five Selfies and adds then to an animation together.

6. Ortsbasierte activate filters

By default, three color filters in snapchat are integrated. In the settings under “More options> Manage> Remove” However, other filters are activated. However, given the location has to be activated and snapchat must gain access to the GPS data. Speed, weather and time are displayed.

7. Locate friends nearby by locating

There are basically two ways to make new friends at snapchat hinzuzufügen.Kontakte can either be located in the vicinity, if GPS is enabled on both sides. Can make new friends are added via photos and screenshots from the gallery also by Snapcode. The menu item “Add Friends” appears with a finger swipe on the home screen from top to bottom.

8. consider Snaps often

Snaps can also be repeatedly looked at with a little trick. However, this works only once a day and only for the last snap of your friend. The activation takes place under “Settings> More options> Manage> Repeat”.

9. power-saving mode

The iOS app from snapchat offers the possibility to activate a power-saving mode. This should also turn on an urgent, because the display and camera are in active app on permanently, which has a high energy consumption. If you activate the power saving mode, however, the camera is turned off after a short inactivity. The mode is switched as follows: “Settings> More options> Settings” and activate the power saving mode via button.

10. Configure Notifications

Whether and how the photo-Messenger is intended to indicate new Snaps, can be defined in the settings for Android. Under “Advanced> Notification Settings” can then “wake up screen”, “LED blinking” or “vibrate” Select. In iOS, the settings will not be made directly in the app, but in the settings of the operating system under “Settings> Messages> snapchat”.


  1. Record longer videos than 10 seconds at about the iOS multitasking view
  2. Press Digital Zoom while recording by swiping up or down
  3. If it should go quickly: change the camera simply double-click on the touch screen
  4. Simply use the display for better shots than flash
  5. Select Snapcode via drop-down menu and customize with Selfie animation
  6. Enable and show speed, weather and time in the “Filter” menu
  7. With GPS activated friends can be localized and added via Snapcode
  8. Snap on the settings consider one more time – just once a day
  9. Using energy-saving mode under iOS – inactivity, the screen turns off immediately
  10. About the proper notification settings always Snaps know about

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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) Review

After nearly two years of updates Online GTA Grand Theft Auto V on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Rockstar announced ceases support these versions and passing to focus exclusively on the PC version and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In fact, developments next week for GTA Online (FreeMode events, new spontaneous events, etc.) are no longer added to the version of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar claims that these consoles do not offer the necessary technology to incorporate such developments.

Rockstar had warned users, but now the reality is cessation of updates.

“As we have said, we always knew we would reach a point where it would reach the technological ceiling than the older generation of consoles can handle, because with each downloadable content takes more memory to both resources for code Additional. We have continued to optimize the game with the passage of time to squeeze as much memory as we possibly could on the consoles of the previous generation but at some point keep adding content would create a risk of general instability in the game ”




Grand Theift Auto 5 Online by Rockstar games has enjoyed two years of support and updates to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The servers will continue to function, so users can continue playing online as usual, but without enjoying the innovations that will receive the other versions.

Three different lives

The big change from previous games is the presence of three protagonists, and the commitment to try to immerse the player in each of their lives separately, bringing together characters in many other missions. As already said before, Michael is a retired thief forty-odd years by a series of circumstances is forced to return to his old life, Franklin is a rookie gang member who sees an opportunity to make the leap to the great crimes, and Trevor is an old friend of Michael and completely crazy.

We already knew thanks to the trailers, and part of the surprise factor was lost in the early game. The first minutes of the story are predictable, because you know that sooner or later the characters are going to find, and in fact the first “meeting” is obvious. But the rest is surprising, sometimes hilarious, extremely well told and addictive. Each character has his own life and personal circumstances, characters, missions and unique possibilities of each one, as if each staff protagonizada its Grand Theft Auto with its own history. But above them there are a number of characters common to all and a global storyline progresses dragging them into the maelstrom of chaos, topped by those big bumps or robberies that may be considered the culmination of GTA 5  Free Download games and open world missions long, complicated, large-scale, which in fact have freedom to choose a plan of action to carry it out after taking the consequences of our decisions.

How To Buy Google credit without a credit card

Reload your Google Play credit simply with Google Play Gift Card, a prepaid gift card that you can trade in your Google Account.

After payment with ao iDEAL, Mister Cash of Bitcoin, a Google Play code appears on your screen. You can redeem the code directly with your Google Account. So, you have recharged your Google Play credit in minutes without the need of a credit card!

What is Google Play Gift Card?

A Google play Gift Card is a prepaid gift card that you can get in different stores. There Google maps € 15a, 25a 50a € €. Swap the Google code Gift Card to your account in order to recharge your credit in google wallet.

Use your Google Play credit to purchase Apps, Games, Music and much more in the Google Play Store!

Buy Google credit line

Print with wrapping paper to the bottom

Print Google code on gift paper

Do you want to make someone happy with a nice gift? In this case, print the code on Google Play gift paper!

You have the choice between different kinds of wrapping paper. That way, you will have the perfect gift for any occasion. Create a personalized card with a personal message.

How can I exchange the Google Play code?

To redeem a code Google Play, you must have an account on Google Play. Use our convertissements page, the link automatically or exchange Exchanging the Google code by hand:

Open the Google Play Store.

Choose from the menu on the left for Exchange.

Insert the Google Play code and select Continue.

You can find more information on Google Play store, Google map in our manual.

Whether for yourself or for someone you know, the Google Play 15 Dollars Card is the perfect gift!

Indeed, with the Google Play 15 Dollars Card, you get credits to use on the Google Play Store. If you have a Google Play 15 Dollars card, you can buy a lot of products in the Google Play store, such as books, music, videos, applications and more.

Note: Google Play card 15 Dollars can only be used on the US Google Play store.

Google play gift card code generator Free apk 2015 by ConsciousQuestion


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Agar.io – Most Viral game 2015

Our Agar io hack is undoubtedly the best one at the present time and one of the very first. This Agar bot performs with your in place of you. The Agar bot never loses. It makes it impossible for your own enemies to catch you and measures the distance between every object. It never lets bigger objects in your area. It is because our Agar.io hack is definitely alert to the mass of each player on the map. It understands who to eat and who to steer clear of. The io hack is an exceptionally elaborate script made of intricate algorithms that are various, including: course finding, monitoring and shortest path calculations. Here’s a video of the way the cheat functions, along with download instructions. You are going to move-in the game, by swiping at the screen in Agar io. By swiping your finger over the monitor in the Agar io you command the sphere. At first you mainly ‘eat’ most of the balls that are little, and after that gradually having the capability to eat more gamers.




The larger you get, the slower you move, making it is also more difficult to eat additional players. You can divide your big information in 2 in the event that you’re becoming mechanically more gradual and really too big. You will be a quarry for larger gamers again, although you’ll be faster again. As a small cell in Agar io in the beginning you accumulate other tissues that are smaller. The bonus being little is going really quickly on the map. Being little offers you the opportunity to fly-through the green spiky spots on the guide. In contrast to larger rivals since they may divide by the green spiky will try and avoid that and dots. Your circle will grow in size, if it consumes additional adversaries. Firstly because several gamers will have bet on the players that were wrong plus their cards will be dumped by them after it happens and the price falls they did not get promoted. 2Nd, the many gamers that did get the upgrades have already been gathered and with everyone trying to sell them following the upgrades there will probably be a lot of participant cards available on the market and for that reason a large price fall. This really is the best opportunity to get the favored players for a better price. You will find many individuals who do not like to earn with cheats and hackers and and although I’m one of these, I was so hooked to Agar.io that I altered my mind. It’s really irritating when you are only a little group striving to be-at least a little little larger and some tremendous player (generally called Putin or something just as absurd) comes and consumes you. Then you have to begin all over again and you will need at least a few minutes to get any dimensions that is adequate, as well as that should you would like to create the Leader-Board, you will need over half hour. In case you haven’t learned about agar.io, you probably will quite soon. It’s an online multiplayer game that is being played by over 100,000 individuals concurrently.


You start off using a circle that is small and eat additional gamers that are smaller and smaller static circles. But, you can be eaten by the gamers that are bigger. The goal in the game is always to get as huge as possible as you could and consume as many players. When you get big enough you will get hooked. You’ve an option to split your circle in 2 so that you can acquire more size and toss one half at the other players with larger speed. The circles can be merged by you as time passes. This game requires the players to have only any type of computer, a mouse and an internet connection. It is addicting and very fun. Yes, it’s somewhat hard on the beginning, but when you get the hang of it and acquire some bulk, you would possess lots of fun destroying everybody in front of you. You have the choice to perform in a Free For All manner, where you perform against everyone, or you are able to play in groups. You’re spawned in a random team and play against the other two groups. This manner is because when you are quite modest, great, one other associates which might be bigger than you, can protect you until you get some good size. The Agar io Hack cheat does this for you all.


The good, the bad and the ugly of Instagram

Instagram is the application and social network for sharing photos and videos that seems to have no competitor at the moment. From the international showbiz stars (actors, musicians, soloists, sportsmen, fashion designers, painters, etc) in short, by anyone with a smart phone (smartphones) or tablet. It was bought by Facebook the April 9, 2012 by nothing more and nothing less than a billion dollars! There are many who praise and few dare to criticize it, but the truth is that like everything else, has its charms but Instagram well their disappointments. That’s why in this post as well as expose the title, I will tell you what to personally have good, bad and ugly this great app and social network.


The good: If there is something fascinating to me is the retro style. I’ve always felt attracted by the ads from old magazines, color photos of the 60s and 70s. It was this love what prompted me to use Instagram. It is simply wonderful as can apply to any picture wonderful photo effects such as filters, frames and apply fascinating retro and vintage colors at our photographs.

The bad: Instagram is not compatible with all mobile devices, as shown in his official blog (search section my device is not compatible). According to what is said in this blog, only devices with Android 2.2 or higher operating system and those working with OpenGL ES 2. It appears that the Instagram team they forget that the average user does not know much of this type technologies (many Instagram users using different devices to the iPhone or iPad line, even if they know their smartphones or tablets have an operating system called Android). Regarding the smartphones (iPhones) and tablets (iPad) Apple Inc (iPhones and iPads), it seems that only works Instagram iPhone3GS, iPhone 4 / 4S, iPhone 5 / 5S, iPod (3rd and 4 generation), iPad , iPad 2 and iPad 3.

The Ugly: Instagram only works on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and that, and only that, is what has made me not to use Instagram more often. To obtain an Instagram account, you should do it compulsorily by the application you install on a smartphone or tablet. On the website of Instagram you can only login with your username and password you created through the application of Instagram you installed on your smartphone or tablet. Once inside the site you can follow other accounts Instagram, to like (red heart) and comment on their photos, but you cannot upload photos to Instagram, and that only you can do from your smartphone or tablet. For many people who work daily in your desktop PC or laptop it is very disappointing that they cannot upload photos to your account Instagram from their teams.

Hopefully someday the Instagram team is encouraged to create a desktop version for this wonderful application. Visit cheatelite.net to download Instagram Password Hacker